I'm Sorry for what Religion did to you...

I am sorry for what religion did to you.

I am sorry that you had to walk through such hardship alone within a community of believers that should have stepped in to help.

I am sorry that you were not protected in the walls of a place that was created as a haven for those that believed.

I am sorry you were made to feel you were not enough unless you jumped through hoops and lived up to some ridiculous standard set by the hands of men.

I am sorry you were made to feel bad for leaving your abusive spouse.

I am sorry you were sexually assaulted by that church deacon.

I am sorry the church leadership’s bad behaviors were brushed under the rug for the sake of image maintenance.

I am sorry no one was there to grieve with you when you lost your loved one and had a hard time getting out of bed to come back to church.

I am sorry you were looked down at when you walked into the building wearing that dress.

I am sorry no one believed you when you spoke up about the sin that was taking place in your home because your parents were prominent people in the hierarchy.

I am sorry you were the object of some members mocks and jokes when you tried to pursue God’s calling on your life.

I am sorry no one tried to understand your struggle with addiction and help guide you gently away from it but chose to shame you into repentance which only increased your usage.

I am sorry you were treated as though you were far away from God because you did not serve the church as they wanted you to or attend regularly to keep their numbers high.

I am sorry you found more wounds than balm in the house of the Lord.

Mostly, I am sorry you thought Jesus couldn’t heal you because his representatives failed to lead you there.

Can you do me a favor and give Jesus another chance?

I promise you He is enough to make you whole again.

Can you do me another favor?

Can you try another place of worship?

There are churches out there that are waiting to love on you, help you, support you and lead you to Jesus via their own actions.

Church hurt is a real thing. People are fallible, even the ones that claim the name of Christ’s children. If you sought healing in a religious environment though, you may have came up void, because Jesus doesn’t exist in religion, He exists in relationships.

Where He is present:

There IS healing

There IS comfort

There IS peace

There IS love

There IS support

There IS redemption

...and there IS a community living up to it all by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Religion won’t heal you, but Jesus will. Don't give up on Him on a technicality.