God had Emotions too...

God expressed His grief for creating man. God expressed His anger for His temple not remaining holy. God expressed his sorrow during the loss of a friend. God expressed his stress when he sweat drops of blood praying in the garden. God experienced every emotion while on earth, that we do today. He gifted us with emotions, so they would be known and help us know.

Emotions are the root of character development and spiritual maturity. When we experience an emotion, it is always telling us something or challenging us to do something.

It’s important we see God had emotions too because He was the perfect role model to show us what to do when they stir up with it us.

Expression – Allow your emotion to be known in a healthy way. Concealing them will only decline your mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Confession – Don’t be afraid to tell people how you are feeling. If need be, seek out a biblical or professional counselor you can talk through things with. Seek a mentor to help you process the emotions out loud.

Communication – Learn how to communicate your emotions properly and biblically. This takes a lot of self-control, vulnerability, and honesty.

A plan of action – Develop a plan of action that needs to take place because of this emotion. Do you need to change something? Do you need to set a boundary with someone? Do you need to allow yourself some space to grieve? Do you need to confront someone over a situation that took place?

These are all necessary to process our emotions in a biblical way. When we process: we grow, we become free, and we may even help others do the same when they see us act.

Signs you may be struggling with processing emotions are:

1. I hide my emotions from others, so I don’t inconvenience them.

2. I constantly find myself in a meltdown state after days of holding things in.

3. I often lose my temper and take it out on people, or I am short with others often.

4. I tell people I am fine when I most certainly am not fine at all.

5. I don’t know or understand how to express what I am feeling sometimes.

It’s ok if processing is new to you. So many times, people grow up in abusive homes, or dysfunctional families where they were not taught how to communicate. Perhaps there was a certain anxiety present in your home which made you feel unsure of what you could or could not say or express. The good news is, patterns are meant to be used to break the cycle, and it’s not too late to re-teach yourself the proper way to deal with your emotions.

Learn more on processing in my book “I Bear the Marks” so we don’t prevent ourselves from true spiritual growth and healing which ultimately leads us to freedom; The kind of freedom Christ died for us to have.