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I'm so glad you're here...

     My name is Selena Young. I am a writer and author based out of North Carolina. I never set out to share my intensely personal story for my first book, but God had different plans in mind. From there my purpose grew roots. After many years of equal measures of grace and gradual healing, my memories no longer torture but testify. My book "I Bear the Marks" Hope for believers walking through abuse and trauma recovery (now available on Amazon) started it all.

My blog shares my own internal struggles, and those of others who have sought to find freedom and healing from hidden abuse and to redeem the imprints the trauma left behind on our hearts, minds and spirits. My story transformed into a testimony that preaches nothing stands unredeemed when placed in the hands of our Heavenly Father. My goal is for yours to do the same. This journey is what sparked my writing and speaking career, but most importantly my passion to help lead others who are hurting, to Jesus and healing.  My hearts cry is to train, educate and inspire believers to dig deeper into God's Word and to apply it in every area of their life.

Get to know me a little more... 


I am a believer of over 30 years. I am learning (sometimes the hard way) that becoming who my Father wants me to be is a process, not a destination.  I am a firm believer in the power of prayer, but even more so that our words matter to God, so use them wisely.


I am a wife of over 15 years now and my husband and I mentor other couples walking through marital issues, as well as breaking cycles of family abuse and dysfunction.  Our love story is special, not because of us, but because of what God did with us and through us. May our match God ignited light a fire for others to see their way.


I am also a boy mom... thus never a dull moment in my world!  Being a mom, however, has taught me those generational strongholds are real, and each one of us must make the decision to keep the link going or break the chains that keep us bound in our genetically dysfunctional cycles. I also encourage many Christian parents to speak blessings over their children's life's. It is a lost art that needs to be resurrected.


I am a writer who blissfully drowns in books and knowledge. I often encourage others to continue learning and growing every day. Make no mistake though, bookworm or not, I still claim the best book on the market is the B I B L E .  It will change your life. I dare you to read it cover to cover and tell me otherwise.

Words have such power to heal and mend those who are suffering from the pains of trauma and abuse. Nothing is more gratifying than when God uses broken people to help other broken people through the gift of their stories. We get to see grace up close and personal.  The Bible didn't end God's work, it lives on through each of us willing to share our own experiences and interactions with God for the sake of pulling others out of the pit.


I will always say, Christ bears our marks, so we can bear His.


PS - I want you to know you're loved, even if you don't realize it yet. My hope is for my writings and books to help you see and feel God's love, and more so, experience it in a very real way yourselves.

Selena Young

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